Friday, November 11, 2011

Rockstar reviews! 2.5/5 However, in its initial build-up, informed with a robust sense of quirky humour, Rockstar shows a fair degree of promise. Ranbir Kapoor, as JJ, makes a go for it with infectious intent. He gets the lingo and diction right; the gawky gait is delightfully apt.....Sadly, the narrative, lacks the substance that a film as long as this would have needed to sustain itself. will swoon over Nargis, and the fairer sex will find Ranbir's transformation irresistible, and forgive the fact that his fingers don't move at all like someone who has been playing the guitar since childhood. Or that throughout the movie he plays variety of gorgeous electric guitars without a cable -- or a wireless device -- attached to any of them. That's like trying to drive a car without fuel 4/5 But while good acting is always an incentive, it’s a director’s vision that makes a film truly watchable, and Imtiaz deserves credit for trying his hand at something different from what the mainstream churns out every week. And for bringing back the one aspect sorely missing from Hindi films lately -- music.

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  1. Ranbir has arrived. Wow!

    What surprized me most in the movie was new comer Nargis Fakhri for her acting range and ability. I wonder where she got her training from ? A fine young actress and a visual delight.A great,new wonderful addition to Bollywood. A class act.She was the focus of the movie and kept it alive and most interesting throughout.Congratulations to her on her fine performance.

    Imtiaz Ali is a name brand now in story writing and telling as a director. He has a knack in finding new talent and beautiful actresses. He handled a very laborious job extremely well. Congratulations to him also.